The idea to form an association was conceived in 2001 by Sr. Elizabeth Anne – then Superior General (Kampala Region) and Mr. Anthony Kaggwa (a friend of the Little sisters of St. Francis of Assisi on realizing that the congregation of the Little Sisters of Saint Francis of Assisi had started facing challenges as a result of dwindling external support. The idea was shared with the Mother General then Rev, Sr. Anne Nasimiyu who unreservedly supported and blessed it. After getting a go ahead from the Mother General, Sr. Elizabeth Anne and Mr. Kaggwa started selling the idea to other people both within the congregation and outside in the community. All people with whom the idea was shared welcomed it with much enthusiasm. As a result, the following people :- Sr. Elizabeth Anne, Mr. Anthony Kaggwa, Sr. Agatha Mary Namugwanya, Mr. Gerald Muguluma, Mr. F. Muyingo (RIP), Mr. David M. Kavuma, Dr. Angella Nagguja, Mr. J. C. Ssempebwa (RIP), Mr. Prosper Rwamasaka, Sr. Nassozi Syliva, Sr. Assumpta Babirye and Sr. J Cintha agreed and came together on 21/2/2002 to hold a first formal meeting and pave a way forward for the formation of an association:-

During the meeting members resolved to form an association which main objective would be “TO RENDER MORAL, SPIRITUAL / RELIGIOUS, PROFESSIONAL, ADVISORY, SOCIAL AND FINANCIAL SUPPORT to the congregation of The Little Sisters of St. Francis of Assisi so as to assist it in sustaining and carrying forward the good work Mother Kevin started in Africa. From then on, meetings continued to be held and the crusade of looking for other friends of the Little Sisters and attracting them to the association went on in 2003, 2004,2005 and 2006, with full support and encouragement from the subsequent Mother Generals namely Rev. Sr. Elizabeth Achieng and Rev. Sr., Mary Pauline Nammuddu. By the end of 2006 the association membership had grown from 12 to 32 and the formation process had picked full momentum. Subsequently, on 20th October 2007 the Association was officially launched by His Excellence The Vice President of Uganda, Professor Gilbert Bukenya at Nkokonjeru Mother House on the occasion of the 50th Anniversary of the death of Mother Kevin, with Professor Paul D’Arbela as the interim Chairman.


To foster collaboration and promote the work of Mother Kevin and the Little Sisters of supporting community welfare and social Development in the East African Region.


Our Sharing becomes a journey to work together


  1. Working towards improving the welfare of the Little Sisters of St. Francis.
  2. Upholding the social institutions started by Mother Kevin.
  3. Embracing and uplifting the girl child learning and education.
  4. Encouraging young girls to embrace religious life and walk in the footsteps of Mother Kevin.
  5. Deepening of the Catholic faith and Christian values in our members